Lot 1 – Systems Design & Development


Tenderers shall be capable of providing a range of services related to the specification, development, and where necessary maintenance, of the EPA’s LEMA System Infrastructure.  It is expected that each tenderer will demonstrate an understanding and experience of each service listed.

These services may include:


Technology / Skills



Systems Architect

LEMA will be developed using an n-Tier, Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) approach.

The tenderer should have extensive expertise and a proven track record in developing application platforms conforming to an n-tier service orientated architecture.  All systems should be suitably load tested and performance tested for maximum efficiency.  The tenderer should also be aware of best practices and have demonstrable experience of the implementation of such architecture within a large organisation such as the EPA, with external communication functions.


Database Design and Development

The LEMA project will require development of new data models and physical databases, as well as integration of these data models with existing established databases (e.g. EDEN, Aquarius, WebPCS).  While it is expected that much of the interaction will be based upon Web Services, standards adopted in databases such as EDEN and Aquaruis will need to be maintained in LEMA. 

The tenderer should have a proven track record in database design and development, be aware of best practices and have robust DBA skills.  


Business Rules and Workflows


There are many business rules and workflows across the various offices and units of the Agency.  It is envisaged that, with the progression of LEMA, these business rules and workflows will be fully documented and harmonised.  Where applicable, interfaces may be established to facilitate these rules and workflows as it is envisaged that business people within the Agency will become more in control of their own rules. 

It is expected that there will be business rules that will have implications for a number of different areas of the Agency; as such the business rules must be able to integrate with data sources external to LEMA.

It is expected that some LEMA business rules and workflows will result in the generation of automated processes such as automatic notification alerts or population of reporting requirements.

The tenderer should be familiar with developing and specifying business rules, be aware of best practices and have a proven track record in the application of business rules through either dedicated business rules software, bespoke programming or ideally both.  


Business analysis skills

LEMA has come about following the recommendations of a Business Analysis Project.  Much of this analysis was carried out at a high level, more detailed analysis may be required. 

The tenderer should be familiar with conducting business analysis to determine business specifications, be aware of best practices and have a proven track record in Business Analysis.  


System analysis skills

The tenderer should demonstrate relevant experience and expertise in the translation of business analysis results and user requirements collection into system requirements and technical specification documentation conformant with the overarching LEMA design and system architecture.


Document Management


It is the aim of the Agency to move, as far as is practicable given judicial requirements, to a paper-less organisation.  LEMA will be required to manage a large volume of documentation.

Paper based documentation as well as .pdf documentation is often submitted to the Agency.  There will be a requirement of LEMA to store and manage this documentation in conjunction with other legal reports and documents generated within the Agency.  

Documentum, an electronic Document Management System (eDMS) is currently used by OCLR for the management of Licences.   LEMA must have the ability to interact with this system.  It may be appropriate to review the existing system and provide recommendations for change.

The Agency is in the process of transferring the EPA Intranet and current internal document management systems to MS SharePoint technology.  It is envisaged that MS SharePoint will used within LEMA.

The tenderer should be familiar with the various software applications that can facilitate document management, be aware of best practice in the use of document management systems and have a proven track record in the implantation of document management systems.


These services will be provided to the Agency to augment those provided by the LEMA team.  In all cases guidance may be required for best practice in Systems development.  It is expected that each tenderer will demonstrate an understanding and experience of each skill listed in Lot 1.  It is expected that System Developers will work closely with Web and GIS developers as well as the Reporting and Analysis developers.

The following profiles will be expected:

-  Systems architect,

Business analysts,

-  Database administrators

Systems analysts

Analyst programmers.