Lot 5 – Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing


As part of an ongoing technology review within the Agency, external to the LEMA project, it may be appropriate to incorporate business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities.  Tenderers shall be capable of providing a range of services related to BI and Data Warehousing development.

 These services may include:


Technology / Skills



Business Intelligence Analyst

In the future the LEMA application may have requirements for BI and Data Warehousing as such BI Analyst responsibilities may include:

  • Working with LEMA to map the potential of BI and Data Warehousing in order to make LEMA information available to EPA staff for assessment and analysis.
  • Liaison between the business and technology team.
  • Gather data analytic specific business requirements.
  • Making sure that the data is there to support the requirements.
  • Ensure that the preliminary conceptual data models validate business scenarios, and
  • Work closely with testing teams to make sure that the requirements are met. 

Gathering thorough business and data requirements will make the Data Warehouse more robust and flexible as users further define their needs, especially reporting needs.


Data Warehouse Design Architects/Developers

The data architect/developer role is to analyse the data sources, underlying processes and data quality aspects.  Provide a Business Intelligence platform to the entire EPA. The tenderer should be familiar with architecting and developing a BI platform and be aware of best practices in BI and Data Warehouse concepts and have a proven track record in the implementation such platforms.  Experience in Dimensional Modelling Fundamentals, Data Warehouse Design, Dimensional Analysis and

Dimensional Modelling Patterns is essential.


ETL Developers

Experience working with SSIS, DTS and Transact-SQL. Ideal candidates are proven ETL developers with a dynamic and pro-active approach to DWH solutions. The candidate is capable of working on all aspects of the ETL process.


These services will be provided to the Agency to augment those provided by the LEMA team.  In all cases guidance may be required for best practice in BI/Data Warehouse solutions.  It is expected that each tenderer will demonstrate an understanding and experience of each skill listed in Lot 5.  It is expected that the above will work closely with System, Web and GIS developers as well as the Reporting and Analysis developers. 

The following profiles will be expected:

-  Business Intelligence Analyst

-  Data Warehouse Design Architects

-  ETL Developers