Independent Review of the EPA

An independent Review of the EPA was carried out by an expert Review Group and was presented to the Minister for the Environment in May 2011. The independent Review was a commitment in the Programme for Government 2007 and is the first review of the EPA to be carried out.

The EPA welcomes the endorsement of the role and performance of the EPA in the Report’s general finding that the EPA overall has provided ‘considerable benefit for Ireland’s environment and for the health and well-being of its people’.

The review involved a comprehensive examination of the EPA and a public consultation process to gather views from the public and the widest range of interested parties. The assessment of the Agency was structured under a number of themes including:

  • Governance,
  • Internal Structure and Resources;
  • Licensing, Assessment and Monitoring;
  • Environmental Research and Information;
  • Relationship with Stakeholders; and
  • Legislative Framework

The EPA Review report makes 58 recommendations under these headings, some addressed to the EPA itself and recommending a strengthening or deepening of some activities, or the undertaking of new approaches; others address the very important issue of national environmental governance and are addressed to the EPA along with other stakeholders including the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government; and others which would require changes and consolidation of legislation to take effect.

An implementation plan was developed to address these recommendations.  We have been actively progressing the completion of the actions that are within our remit, since the publication of the Review, through our annual work programmes and Strategic Plan 2013-2015 – Working with others for a Better Environment.

A progress report on the Implementation of the Recommendations was published in August 2014 which shows that substantial progress has been made in implementing the recommendations.

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