Enforcement of Decorative Paints Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The Decorative Paints Regulations (S.I. 564 of 2012) designates the EPA as the competent authority for enforcement.  This means the EPA is responsible for the establishment and supervision of monitoring programmes in Ireland.  The EPA is charged with the task of providing guidance and advice to the local authorities.  The EPA will also publish best practive guidance for vehicle refinishing operations which will be used as a reference for the necessary vehicle refinishing solvent management plans and thus for Inspection reports.

Local Authorities
The Regulations state the local authorities are the competent bodies for the enforcement of the Regulations.  This requires local authorities to implement the monitoring programmes.  This means local authorities will carry out the necessary inspections of products in stock in producers, wholesalers and major retail stores in their functional areas.  Some product sampling and analysis may be necessary to verify product compliance.  Local authorities are also required to set up and maintain a register of producers, wholesalers and major retailers of the decorating materials operating in their areas.

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