Climate Change Lecture Series and Presentations

The EPA's Climate Change lecture series has been running since late 2007, bringing a range of Irish and international speakers to The Mansion House in Dublin to update Irish audiences on the science of climate change, and possible responses to it.

The EPA, as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action, hosted a public lecture on 17th May 2019, by Dr Edward Cameron: New Climate leadership for a low carbon, climate resilient and inclusive world 

Climate change is a serious, far-reaching threat to people, planet and prosperity. Climate risks including extreme weather, changes in water distribution, and the destruction of ecosystems undermine jobs, food security, health, homes, human rights and lives. We are right to be concerned but there is also reason for optimism. Close to 200 nations are pursuing climate policies under the landmark Paris Agreement and more than 6000 companies, representing $36 trillion or half the global economy, are now making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build societal resilience.

Dr Edward Cameron, Climate change Lecture series, 2019   Dr Edward Cameron, a climate specialist with more than two decades of experience advising companies and governments, offered a vision for a “new climate leadership” with the potential to create a low carbon, climate resilient, and inclusive world. He spoke about a blueprint for how citizens, cities, companies and states can lead this transition and prosper in a climate-compatible world.


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Previous lectures can be found on our videos page, as well as the EPA's YouTube Channel.

In addition, numerous presentations on climate-related issues given at EPA workshops and conferences are available on the EPA's SlideShare Channel.