Union Registry Accounts

To open a new account on the Union Registry or to amend an existing account on the Union Registry, please contact Ireland’s National Administrators at ETRAdmin@epa.ie and the necessary guidance will be forwarded to you.


To perform compliance functions under the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS), every Operator (a company that has been issued with a greenhouse gas emissions permit) must hold one Operator Holding Account (OHA) for each permitted installation. Similarly, each Aircraft Operator must have one Aircraft Operator Holding Account (AOHA).

In addition to these compliance accounts, there are other accounts that may be used solely for trading allowances or units. No compliance obligations attach to these accounts:

  • Person Holding Account in National Registry Type IE-121
  • Person Holding Account Type EU-100
  • Trading Account Type EU-100

Account Fees

The following account fees are currently levied at time of account opening/update:

Operator Holding Account EURO 350
Aircraft Operator Holding Account

EURO 350

EURO 100 per application to change account details and/or

authorised representatives further to account opening.

Person Holding Account

Types IE-121 and EU-100

Euro 350
Trading Account Euro 350

26 Hour Delay

Transactions initiated by Authorised Representatives on an account and approvals of transactions by an Additional Authorised Representative (AAR) on an account must be confirmed by a code sent by text (SMS) message to that user’s mobile phone.

The 26 hour delay commences when the above initiation and approval as necessary takes place between 0900 and 1500 on a working day in Ireland. The transaction will not complete until the same time on the next working day in Ireland plus 2 hours.

Trusted Account List

Holding accounts (i.e. Operator, Aviation and Person Holding Accounts) only allowed to initiate transfers to other accounts that are on their (i.e. the Transferor’s) Trusted Account List (TAL). This means that transfers from holding accounts to accounts that are not on their TAL are not permitted.

Transfers from a holding account to an account on their trusted account list:

  • do not require the approval of an Additional Authorised Representative (AAR), unless an AAR is already appointed to the account;
  • are subject to the 26-hour delay.

Only a Trading Account Type EU-100 has the ability to make transfers to accounts outside of their trusted account list (TAL).

See Table 1 below for a summary of the transactions from holding accounts and trading accounts.

FromTo Accounts in the Trusted Account ListTo Other Accounts

Holding Account



26h delay

No AAR approval unless an AAR is already appointed to the account.





Trading Account



No 26h delay

No AAR approval unless an AAR is already appointed to the account.


26h delay

AAR approval required




Any queries regarding the above should be emailed to Ireland’s Registry Team at ETRAdmin@epa.ie