Method for categorising licences

The Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE) of the EPA has developed a methodology for assigning an enforcement category to waste and IPPC licensed facilities.  The methodology is based on international best practice and it comprises five key elements:

  • an assessment of the complexity of activities,
  • the emissions from the site,
  • the location of the site,
  • it's current environmental performance, and
  • the sensitivity of the receiving environment of the facility.

The assessment will be completed by licensees on an annual basis and will enable licensed facilities to assess their enforcement category with a view to improving environmental performance. Failure to do so will not allow the OEE to adequately categorise licensed facilities and may result in an increased enforcement effort and subsequent additional charging by the OEE. 

The OEE has put together a guidance document which details each of the steps involved and outlines the information required to fill in each of the key attributes of the methodology. The methodology, its guidance document and a short summary instructions document can be downloaded at the links below.

Licensees should note that the assessment methodology excel spreadsheet must be saved to your desktop BEFORE  beginning to enter data.  The completed assessment should be e-mailed to

Development of the methodology

The development of the methodology commenced in 2005 and it has undergone a number of testing regimes and revisions since its inception. The concept of assigning enforcement categories to licensed facilities was the subject of a joint EPA/IBEC organised conference which was held in May 2006. The OEE took account of a number of valuable comments received both at and following this conference and in September 2006 undertook a pilot phase testing of the methodology with a number of IBEC nominated licensees. The methodology was further revised following the pilot phase testing.