Welcome to the EDEN Business Support Page

EDEN -  The online web portal for local authority, IPPC,  IED and Waste  licensees holders to communicate with the EPA:

 "Environmental Data Exchange Network"

EDEN will remove the need for paper based communications for many activities and will benefit both licensees and the EPA.

The functionality of the EDEN online web portal will be developed and rolled out in phases.  The first phase of this development is the Authorisation Module (AM)


Additional Information 

Pop-up Blocker problems

A pop-up is a small web browser window that appears on the top of the website you are viewing.  Pop-up Blocker is a feature in Internet Explorer that allows you limit or block most pop-ups.  You can choose the leve of blocking you prefer, from blocking all pop-up windows to allowing the pop-ups that you want to see. 

What is needed for this system

The following browser versions are required on your PC in order to use the EDEN portal. 


Internet Explorer version 8 or higher IE8 download here

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher Mozilla 3.6 download here 

Google Chrome version 11 or higher Chrome download here