Report on the Environmental Liability Directive

The European Commission had to report by April 2010 on the effectiveness of the Environmental Liability Directive in terms of actual remediation of environmental damages and on the availability at reasonable costs and on conditions of insurance and other types of financial security.  In view of this reporting obligation, a first exploratory study was carried out by a consultant in 2008 which has been followed-up by a more comprehensive study in 2009.  A workshop on "Implementation efficiency of the environmental liability directive (ELD) and related financial security issues" took place on 10 July 2009 within the follow-up study. The study was finalised in November 2009.

On 12th October 2010, the Commission adopted a report under the EU Environmental Liability Directive on its effectiveness in terms of remediation and on the availability of financial security to remedy environmental damage.  To read the report and background please follow the link below and scroll down to the section titled “New”: