The European Environment Network (IMPEL)

IMPEL is an informal network of European regulators concerned with the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation.

The network is a powerful tool for sharing experience and information on the practical application of environmental legislation across Europe. Co-operation among practitioners in the fields of inspections, permitting and enforcement under the IMPEL network started in 1992.

Twenty-nine countries - all Member States of the EU, candidate country Turkey as well as Norway - and the European Commission now participate in the network.

Main issues

IMPEL's activities are concerned with areas such as:

  • Training of inspectors
  • Minimum criteria for environmental inspections
  • Exchange of information and experience on implementation and enforcement of EU environmental legislation
  • Development of common views on the coherence and practicality of current EU legislation
  • Commenting on practicality and enforceability of proposed EU legislation at an early stage in its development

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