Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Solvents Regulations 2002 S.I. No. 543 of 2002 is replaced by S.I. No. 565 of 2012 - European Union (Installations and Activities using Organic Solvents) Regulations 2012.

Regulations governing solvent emissions are now in force. These oversee  the emission of solvent vapours from 20 specified activities and bring the activities of much smaller businesses under the control of the local authorities.  Implementation and guidance has been developed as part of the National Waste Prevention Programme. 

Who is affected?

Businesses now affected include:

  • Vehicle refinishing companies which carry out original coating of road vehicles or trailers. 
  • Dry cleaners

Activities using more than 10 tonnes per annum of solvents require an Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control (IPPC) licence from the EPA.

What you need to do

Activities which don't require an IPPC licence must now be registered with their local authority and obtain a certificate of compliance.

The inspection and report are to be paid for by the individual business.

If the local authority is satisfied the requirements have been met, it will issue a certificate of compliance.

Vehicle refinishing

S.I. No. 564 of 2012 -  European Union (Paints, Varnishes, Vehicle Refinishing Products and Activities) Regulations 2012, have replaced S.I. No. 199 of 2007 -  Limitations of Volatile Organic Compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain paints, varnishes and vehicle refinishing products Regulations, 2007.

The new Deco-paints Regulations cover the Vehicle Refinishing for Repair Sector.  The Regulation limits the solvent content of all paints, including those used for vehicle refinishing. 

Please note that the original coating of real vehicles and trailers continues to be governed by the Solvent, not the Deco-paints Regulations.

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