AER Guidance for IPPC and Waste Licences

Announcement January 2019

For EPA-licensed facilities, please note the following updates for 2018 AER reporting:

  • The AER can be completed using the templates available on the EPA website at
  • Use of the templates is not mandatory for 2018 data reporting.
  • There is no requirement to include a copy of the PRTR return in the AER.
  • The completed AER should be saved as a PDF file and uploaded through the EDEN portal as a Return.

The Annual Environmental Report (AER) is a requirement for all EPA licensed facilities.  The Environmental Protection Agency is currently standardising the content of AERs to collect only relevant, interpreted data. The content of the AER should give a concise summary of the environmental performance of the site for the reporting year as well as a record of on-going improvements on the licensed site.  This guidance document is intended to assist in standardising the reporting format of the Annual Environmental Report (AER) for IPPC and Waste licensed facilities.

The proposed format for reporting annual environmental information is contained in a series of templates prepared by the Agency. We encourage licensees to provide the information requested in these templates as well as an interpretation of the data reported. 

Link to the Draft AER Guidance Document and the AER templates.

It is recommended that all licensees read the Guidance document and use the templates.

Use of the templates is not mandatory.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Licence Enforcement.