Diffuse Emissions

Diffuse emissions to air and water occur from various scattered sources such as road transport, shipping, aviation, domestic heating, agriculture and small business. Pollution from diffuse sources occurs over large areas and individually may not be of concern but in combination with other diffuse sources can cause environmental impact.

The European Commission and the European Environment Agency in cooperation with the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability (IES) of the Joint Research Centre have published online maps which allow citizens to pinpoint the main diffuse source of air pollution such as transport and aviation. Diffuse pollutants released to water include Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Updated data is currently being compiled for Ireland.

Diffuse pollutants released to air includes nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulphur oxides (SOX), carbon monoxide (CO), Ammonia (NH3) and particulate matter (PM10). Updated data is currently being compiled for Ireland.

STRIVE is a Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE) Programme 2007–2013. Click on the link below for a recently published report from STRIVE on PM2.5 in Cork harbour; Summary of Findings - Air Pollution in Cork Harbour, Ireland: Environmental Linkages of In-Port Ship Emissions