SEA Resources and Guidance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides assistance to Plan-makers in the form of guidance and awareness of good practice examples at various stages of the SEA Process. This section provides you with access to SEA Advice and Guidance documents that may be helpful when undertaking SEA for your Plan or Programme.

Our SEA Pack summarises the key stages involved in the SEA process, while the SEA guidance document contains information on key legislation, guidelines and location of available resources to be considered during the SEA process and is updated on a regular basis. Links are also provided to other organisations and sources of SEA-related information and guidance. 

The EPA 2012 SEA Effectiveness Review Report includes information and case studies on plans at different stages (and in different sectors) in the SEA Process that may also be useful to consider.

SEA Guidance

Our SEA guidance documents and resources are available to download from the 'SEA advice and guidance documents'  section. Our online resources are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect current best practice, guidance and legislation. 

Quick Links to Some Key SEA Resources

While our 'SEA advice and guidance documents'  contains all available guidance and publications, the tables below will allow you quickly access some key resources to assit you in preparing an SEA.  

Key SEA Process Guidance
 SEA Process Guidance Summary
 SEA Scoping Guidance Document Includes key recommendations, links to data sources, lists of some nationally/regionally key plans to integrate environmental considerations into Plans
 SEA Spatial Information Sources Provides a list of available environmental datasets for many environmental criteria
 SEA Pack Overview of key SEA stages, key resources, SEA process checklists, worksheets to use when preparing SEAs  
 SEA Process Checklist

 Helpful checklist for assist practitioners undertake full SEA


Key SEA Research
SEA ResearchSummary
Developing and Assessing Alternatives in SEA Guidance on methodologies to develop and assess alternatives in SEA
Integrating Climate Change into SEA How to integrate climate change into Plans and associated SEAs
SEAGIS Manual - Improving the evidence base Guidance on how GIS can be used to improve environmental assessments


Process Guidance Links