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Ireland's Environment 2016 is the sixth state of the environment report produced by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA produces state of the environment reports on a four-year cycle with previous reports produced in 2004, 2000, 1996, 2008 and 2012.  The EPA also has an online environmental indicator resource Irelands Environment, which provides a current assessment of the state of the Irish environment using a selection of key indicators. 

Ireland's Environment 2016 - An Assessment

Ireland's Environment 2016 presents the most recent information on the quality of Ireland's environment.  The report is the latest in the EPA State of the Environment series and outlines at a strategic level the current state of Ireland's environment.  It provides an update on environmental challenges that we face both nationally and globally.  The report adds to the range of thematic and research reports available from the EPA that now cover many of the issues reported on in further detail. 

The aim of the state of the environment and indicator reports is to provide ongoing, timely information and knowledge to the general public, as well as to policymakers and to key economic sectors so as to support action to protect and manage the environment.

The overall conclusion of the report is that Ireland's environment remains in a good condition, although there are a number of key challenges in the coming years.  The report highlights seven key environmental actions for Ireland:

  1. Environment Health & Wellbeing: Recognition of the benefits of a good quality environment to health and wellbeing
  2. Climate Change: Accelerate mitigation actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement adaptation measures to increase our resilience in dealing with adverse climate impacts
  3. Implementation of Legislation: Improve the tracking of plans and policies and the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation to protect the environment
  4. Restore & Protect Water Quality: Implement measures that achieve ongoing improvements in the environmental status of water bodies from source to the sea
  5. Nature & Wild Places: Protect pristine and wild places that act as biodiversity hubs, contribute to health and wellbeing and provide sustainable tourism opportunities
  6. Sustainable Economic Activities: Integrate resource efficiency and environmental sustainability ideas and performance accounting across all economic sectors
  7. Community Engagement: Inform, engage and support communities in the protection and improvement of the environment

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