How to access the Round 2 Noise maps

GIS information & explanatory text

The data represented here for download and that on EPA Maps is the 2012 phase of noise mapping, representing the second round of the implementation of the EC Directive 2002/49/EC.

  1. The Noise GIS data for Round 2 (2012) has been published on EPA Maps, in the EDEN environment.
    • EPA Maps- Noise: zoom into street level (double click, or use +/1 symbol on lhs of map) and then wait for the noise maps to upload (~ 1 min).
      • Can then click the legend to choose what you want to see ex. Rd2 Road – Day, RD 2 Rail etc.
      • Hover over North Dublin (Swords) and then click Round 2 Airport – Day.
        • Will then see the contour bands on the noise map.
  2. A Noise data package is available to download from the GeoPortal Get Data section, including metadata and layer symbology files.
    • Files are presented as zipped shapefiles. Where possible, files are presented nationally, as well as on a county by county basis.
    • Documents, metadata and legends are presented for Corine, Soils and Subsoils data: these are common to all counties and only need to be downloaded once.
  3. News items have been added to the GeoPortal to inform site users
      • This geoportal is designed to make data about the environment easier to find, browse and understand. See Maps using our web mapping tools, Get Data directly to download and use in your own GIS systems, Ask and Learn to better understand our data.
      • Regular users of the geoportal can use this short document to help find familiar tools on the new geoportal, and learn what new features we have added.
    • Latest Releases
      • Keep up-to-date with what datasets the EPA have recently updated here. You can download this data using the GET data part of the GeoPortal.
  4. Noise WMS (Web Mapping Service) has been made available to all to consume.
    • The following Web Mapping Services (WMSs) are available here. We currently support OGC WMS, WFS and ArcGIS REST services.
  5. Noise data metadata has been published on the ISDE Catalog as Open Data.
    • Irish Spatial Data Exchange (ISDE) – Find Data