Fire at Kerdiffstown, Co Kildare - Statement from Local Co-ordinating Group

Date released: Jan 27 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency, HSE, Kildare County Council (including the fire service), Defence Forces and Gardai met this afternoon (27 January) to co-ordinate actions to deal with the fire and other environmental issues at Kerdiffstown Landfill, near Naas.

The agencies involved have agreed a series of responses to the situation at Kerdiffstown, including security of the site, additional air monitoring and fire fighting.

An expert group was set-up to develop a rapid and safe method of dealing with the fire.  It will meet tomorrow morning and will have access to a specialist report commissioned by the EPA and thermal imaging supplied by An Garda Siochána.

The indications to date are that the burning material consists of wood waste with about 10% plastic.  Monitoring of the site has disclosed no breaches of air quality standards, although it has been recognised that the fire and the site itself has caused concerns for local people.

The county council, EPA and HSE plan to meet local residents tomorrow (28 January).