UPDATE - Agencies meet local residents about Kerdiffstown fire

Date released: Jan 28 2011


Public agencies, including the Evironmental Protection Agency, Health Service Executive and Kildare County Council met with local residents, councillors and Oireachtas members today to give them information and hear their concerns about the ongoing fire at Kerdiffstown, Naas. The fire, in a landfill site, has been burning since last week and has proved particularly difficult to extinguish.

The EPA has provided twenty-four-hour security arrangements on the site.

The agencies provided up to date reports at the meeting. Air quality measurement in the  area has been increased: measurements to date indicate no breach of standards, but this will be subject to ongoing review. The HSE has advised that householders in the path of the fire’s smoke plume should close windows and doors for the duration of its passage, as a precaution. Some people, such as those with existing respiratory or cardiac problems, young children and the elderly may experience symptoms. The HSE advises that people with symptoms should reduce their level of activity and consult their doctor. Public health and environmental health staff will visit the site tomorrow and liaise with local residents over the coming days to support the co-ordinated work of the agencies.

The Kildare Fire Service has taken advice from an expert group and has developed a strategy for minimising the fire and extinguishing it – a process which may take several weeks to complete. Machinery will be brought in to help in this work, and the EPA’s UK specialist will be on site tomorrow to advise further on firefighting strategy.

The EPA, HSE and the county council have undertaken to make environmental information publicly available to the fullest extent possible.