Statement from the EPA regarding release of SKM Enviros report on the evaluation of environmental liabilities at Kerdiffstown Landfill

Date released: Feb 03 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency commissioned an independent expert consultant SKM Enviros to conduct an evaluation of the potential liabilities and related remedial costs associated with closure scenarios for the Kerdiffstown landfill site.  The report was commissioned in conjunction with a number of legal actions taken by the Agency against the operators of the Kerdiffstown site.  This report was completed in October 2010.
The Agency also commissioned a hydrogeological evaluation of the site using geophysical surveys and this work was concluded in January 2011.  The Agency has now considered this work and the reports from our own EPA Inspectors.  The Agency made a number of decisions on the necessary work to be done to achieve remediation of this site, both short and long term.  Short term measures to be undertaken include:

  • Making the site secure (security is now in place)
  • Removal of ad-hoc stockpiles of waste from the site (in progress)
  • Pumping out leachate from lined cells, and 
  • Preparation of a detailed scoping and design of the remediation of the Kerdiffstown site.

The Agency has sought and received sanction from the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government to have these short-term measures funded from monies allocated by the Department for emergency measures at this site. This allocation will also fund the preparation of a detailed remediation plan, based on the preferred option from the SKM Report, with associated costings and timeframes.  The Agency is committed to a plan which will provide for the site to be remediated to meet EU and national standards as set out in the landfill directive and in licensing decisions of the Agency. 
Once that remediation plan is developed, the Agency will oversee the remediation of the site in cooperation with the local authority, local residents and other relevant agencies.  Based on the SKM Report, the preferred remediation option involves creation of a lined and fully engineered landfill on site and deposition of the waste in that landfill which would be closed, capped and managed as would any modern state of the art closed landfill facility, with leachate and gas management and appropriate landscaping.
Preliminary estimates for this remediation option are in the region of €30 million.  However, final costings will not be known until the detailed plan is complete. 

Next Steps

Copies of the SKM report are being made available to both Clean Air for Naas and Kildare County Council.  The Report will be made available on the EPA web-site once the residents have had an opportunity to read it.  Arrangements are also being made for SKM Enviros to present the report to the local community and this will take place as soon as possible.
The Environmental Protection Agency intends to establish a liaison group to include representatives of the local community who will be kept fully informed of all developments as they occur. 


Update: 03.02.2011

The is available on the EPA website.

in the vicinity of the Kerdiffstown landfill is also available on the EPA website. This data is communicated daily to the Coordinating Group and any advice resulting from the data is included in the Coordinating Group's daily statements. These statements are also available on the EPA website.