EPA to develop remediation plan for Kerdiffstown Landfill, Naas, Co. Kildare

Date released: Feb 18 2011

The EPA, HSE, Kildare County Council, Defence Forces and Gardai have, for the past 27 days, been co-ordinating actions to deal with the fire and other environmental issues at Kerdiffstown Landfill, near Naas.

In particular, the EPA has been working closely with Kildare Fire Service, providing expert advice in fighting the serious fire at the Kerdiffstown landfill site, contracting in providers of cold gas injection equipment and providing air monitoring and analysis. 

The EPA is exercising its powers under Section 56 of the Waste Management Act to secure the site and to start the longer term process of remediation of the whole site.  Already the EPA has begun the following preliminary works:

  • removing stockpiles of fire-risk waste;
  • providing 24-hour security personnel at the site for the longterm;
  • establishing an on-site office;
  • increased onsite monitoring and inspection
  • dealing with immediate Health & Safety issues on the site
  • removing landfill leachate.

As the plan for the remediation progresses, the EPA will be meeting with the local community on a regular basis in order to hear their views and update them on the remediation project.  Remediation works will be phased and the EPA will prioritise work that alleviates odour from the site in the short to medium term.

Funding for the short-term emergency works to date has been provided by the Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government.  Further funding for the remediation will be released on a phased basis.

The EPA has taken enforcement action against those involved in the operation of the Kerdiffstown site, including three High Court cases.  High Court orders are in place preventing the deposit of any further waste onto the Kerdiffstown site.  The EPA will use its powers under the Waste Management Acts to seek recovery of all costs expended by the State during the remediation project. The EPA is also seeking orders against directors of the companies who formerly operated the site in order to recover these costs. 

A criminal investigation file relating to the previous operations at the site has been submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions


Further information: EPA Media Relations Office 053-9170770 (24 hours)