Fire at Greenstar Recycling (Munster) Ltd, Glanmire, Co Cork 22nd November 2013

Date released: Nov 29 2013

Fire at Greenstar Recycling (Munster) Ltd, Waste Licence Registration No. W0136-02, Sarsfieldcourt, Glanmire, Co. Cork

The EPA was notified at 07:55 on Sat 23rd November 2013 of a major fire at the Greenstar Recycling (Munster) Limited site at Sarsfieldcourt Industrial Estate, Sarsfieldcourt, Glanmire, Co. Cork. The alarm was raised at 20:25 on Friday 22nd November, and the Fire Service arrived at the scene at 20:40. The blaze took over an hour to bring under control, and was completely extinguished at 13:30 on Sunday 24th. The fire is said to have broken out in a stockpile of waste on the floor of the Waste Processing Building.

The EPA arrived on site at 08:45 on Sat 23rd November 2013, and was in attendance at the scene during and following the incident.  The EPA continues to monitor the situation.

Firewater generated during the firefighting period was fully retained by the surface / foul drainage system on the site. Following analysis to determine its composition, the firewater was tankered to Carrigrennan Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment with the agreement of Cork City and County Councils.

Accordingly, the EPA is satisfied that there was no risk of surface or groundwater pollution associated with the fire, so water quality in both local private wells and the nearby public supply were not subject to any risk of impact from the incident. An assessment of the potential effect of airborne emissions is being carried out.

Waste material is being removed from the site, and this will continue for several days. It is possible that this work may give rise to odours in the immediate vicinity, though the licensee has committed to taking all practical measures to minimise such odours during the operation.

Greenstar Recycling (Munster) Limited hold a Waste Licence Registration No. W0136-02 for the operation of a waste transfer station and recycling facility at their facility in Sarsfieldcourt Industrial Estate, Sarsfieldcourt, Glanmire, Co. Cork.
EPA inspectors will prepare a full report on the incident in due course, after which further enforcement action will be considered. The priority for the EPA is to ensure that the necessary management practices are in place to eliminate the causes of this type of incident and to protect the environment.