Incident at Kerry Ingredients (Ireland) Ltd, Charleville, Co Cork

Date released: Jun 19 2015

The EPA was notfied today, 19 June 2015, of an incident at the Kerry Ingredients (Ireland) Limited milk processing installation in Charleville, County Cork. The incident relates to a breach in one of the lagoons which is used to hold treated effluent. This resulted in the discharge of treated effluent into the Charleville Stream, which is a tributary of the River Maigue. Efforts are presently underway to restrict the discharge of treated effluent into the river.

The EPA, Cork County Council and Limerick City and County Council have attended the scene to investigate the incident, and samples have been taken.

Kerry Ingredients (Ireland) Limited operate the installation in accordance with an Industrial Emissions Licence, Registration number P0386-03.

The EPA will continue its investigation into this incident and any further action will be taken in line with our enforcement policy.