Incident at Indaver Ireland, Carranstown, Co. Meath

Date released: Jul 10 2017

Update: 10 July 2017
Indaver Ireland Limited resumed the combustion of waste on the 17th June 2017.  The resultant plume did not exhibit any discolouration.  The stack emissions were monitored during the period 19th to 23rd June and iodine was not detected.

The EPA has considered all of the information obtained in the course of the incident investigation and is satisfied that there was no impact on human health or the environment.

Update: 19 June 2017

The cause of the pink colouration in the plume has been identified as iodine.  The EPA’s investigation of the incident indicates no impact on human health or the environment.
The EPA has agreed that waste incineration may resume at the Indaver Ireland facility.  The approval is subject to Indaver Ireland either undertaking monitoring for iodine or ceasing operation in the event of any further discolouration of the plume.    

14 June 2017

The EPA is investigating an incident which occurred on Tuesday evening 13th June at approximately 16.15pm at the Indaver Ireland incinerator in Carranstown, Co Meath (Licence Registration No. W0167-03).  Indaver Ireland reported to the EPA that the plume from the emission stack had a pink hue.  The plume remained a pink colour until approximately 18.50.  Discolouration of the plume occurred intermittently this morning.

An EPA inspector is on site investigating the incident. The EPA has instructed Indaver Ireland to cease combusting waste until they have undertaken further assessment.

An initial assessment of emission monitoring data indicates that all continuous emissions monitoring results (i.e. Carbon Monoxide, Total Dust, Hydrogen Chloride, Nitrogen oxides, Sulphur Dioxides and Total Organic Carbon) are in compliance with the licence conditions.