Discharge of Paint Washings at P0218-01 Dulux Paints Ireland Ltd. 21 August 2018

Date released: Aug 23 2018

Discharge of Paint Washings at P0218-01 Dulux Paints Ireland Ltd. 21 August 2018

On the night of the 21st August 2018, the EPA was informed by Dulux Paints Ireland Ltd. of a discharge of water washings from a white paint holding tank into a surface water drain.  Dulux provided the following details in relation to the discharge:

The surface water drain in question ultimately discharges to the river Bride via licensed surface water discharge point SW1.  The spill occurred while a site operative was transferring an IBC of this material.  The forklift transporting the IBC was temporarily left in the yard area, adjacent to a surface water drain.  The IBC valve partially opened and discharged to this surface water drain.  When the incident was detected, the operator closed the sluice valve at SW1 in an attempt to prevent contamination to the river Bride, but evidently the valve did not close completely.  Dulux informed Cork City Council about the incident, and Cork City Fire Brigade subsequently attended the scene and pumped material out of the river.

The EPA attended the scene on the 22nd August 2018 to investigate the incident.  Inspectors confirmed that a discharge had taken place and samples were taken from the river for analysis.

The EPA is continuing its investigation into this incident and further enforcement action may be taken in line with our enforcement policy.  Our priority is to ensure that the necessary infrastructure and management practices are in place to prevent a reoccurrence of this type of incident and protect the environment.