Fish Kill on River Tolka, Blanchardstown

Date released: Sep 20 2018

Fish kill in the River Tolka

On the 18 September 2018, Irish Water informed the EPA of a pollution incident in the River Tolka at Blanchardstown, which resulted in a fish kill.
The pollution incident was first reported by a member of the public to Inland Fisheries Ireland on 18 September.  A sewer line at Blanchardstown became blocked, which caused raw sewage to overflow from a manhole into a surrounding field and then into the River Tolka.  The pollution extended a number of kilometres downstream from the overflow point.

Irish Water, with Fingal County Council, worked on the blockage and stopped the overflow on the evening of 19 September.
The EPA attended the scene on 19 September. Irish Water, Fingal County Council and Inland Fisheries Ireland are also investigating the incident. 
The EPA will continue its investigation into this incident. Our priority is to ensure that Irish Water completes the corrective actions needed to bring this fully under control, protect the River Tolka and prevent a reoccurrence of this type of incident.

Update Oct 8 2018

The incident was caused by a tree branch which got stuck in the sewer line. Sewage debris, including rags and grease, built up around the branch blocking the sewer and resulting in raw sewage discharging through the manhole. The blockage has been completely removed and the area around the manhole has been cleaned up.