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New Director Joins EPA Board - Aug 27 2018, 11:32 AM
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to welcome Dr Tom Ryan onto the EPA Board. Dr Ryan took up his new position as Director of the Office of Environmental Enforcement on 25th August 2018.

Supporting Ireland’s transition to a low-carbon, circular economy: Ireland’s National Waste Prevention Programme - Jul 25 2018, 11:00 AM
The National Waste Prevention Programme delivers initiatives and supports to promote Ireland’s transition to a low-carbon, circular economy and provide leadership on national priorities such as food waste prevention. In 2017, €1.8 million was invested in resource efficiency and the sustainable use of resources in Ireland.

Agri-food sector needs to improve its environmental compliance, says EPA - Jul 19 2018, 12:01 AM
The EPA has published its Industrial and Waste Licence Enforcement Report 2017 and the latest National Priority Sites List for Enforcement. These give details of compliance levels and enforcement activities across the 800 licensed facilities in 2017.

EPA supports Europe-wide Pollutant Release and Transfer Register by publishing latest releases from industrial activities - Jul 10 2018, 9:38 AM
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published environmental data on Ireland’s national pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR). This is a public register of pollutant releases and waste transfers from large industrial activities in Ireland.