Invitation to participate in a waste prevention demonstration

Date released: Nov 30 2005

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today launched the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration (LAPD) Programme.  The objective of the Programme is to help participating local authorities to overcome barriers to promoting and supporting waste prevention by providing:

(a)    direct grant-aid to provide in-house resources and

(b)    input by expert practitioners in waste prevention.

Local authorities have today been invited to submit expressions of interest to participate in this major initiative.

The primary objective of the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration Programme is to assist local authorities to achieve prevention in the public sector, households, business, industry, clubs, schools, third level educational establishments and the healthcare sector. Their experiences will later be shared with other local authorities.

In Phase 1 of the Programme shortlisted local authorities will be invited to run prevention initiatives under an integrated prevention programme. Expert prevention specialists will assist participating local authorities in the planning and implementation of their individual programmes. The results of the initiatives will be measured and the information disseminated to other local authorities.

“In the long run, all local authorities will need to develop and maintain integrated prevention programmes on their own”, said Dr. Gerry Byrne, Programme Manager, EPA. “What we are aiming for in this Programme is to demonstrate what is possible thereby providing long-term benefits that can be rolled out to other local authorities”.

Phase 1 of the Programme will run for a period of 30 months commencing in the first half of 2006. Further phases of the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration Programme will be announced during 2006 and 2007.

The budget for Phase 1 of the LAPD Programme is €1.7 million. The LAPD Programme is an initiative of the National Waste Prevention Programme and is funded wholly from the Environment Fund.


Notes to Editor:

The National Waste Prevention Programme commenced in 2004 with the formation of a Prevention Unit in the EPA with a budget of €2 million from the Environment Fund. 

A stakeholder group, the National Waste Prevention Committee (appointed by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government) is chaired by the EPA and provides strategic direction and support for the programme.

Waste prevention projects currently underway include a Certified Training Course in waste prevention, development of waste/material efficiency audit and waste prevention planning tools, waste characterisation research, the HAZRED/EU Life funded project (prevention of hazardous waste in SMEs), Solvents Regulations directory, Local Authority Prevention Demonstration grant scheme and waste prevention case study development.

The prevention Unit within the EPA also provides input to National stakeholder groups on recyclables market development, attainment of recycling targets, producer responsibility initiatives and the Race Against Waste programme.  The team retain responsibility for the preparation of the National Waste Data Reports and the National Hazardous Waste Management Plan that provide essential waste management information and promote prevention.

Recently, the Prevention Unit have been tasked with the enforcement of the Waste Electrical & Electronic Waste (WEEE) as well as the Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Regulations.