EPA Publishes Annual Highlights 2004

Date released: Mar 02 2005

Launching the Environmental Protection Agency’s Annual Highlights 2004 document, the Director General of the EPA, Dr Mary Kelly said “2004 was an extremely active year for the EPA.  The EPA Annual Highlights 2004 has been prepared to provide information on the key undertakings of the EPA during 2004 and our key priorities for 2005”

Enforcement activity was stepped up in 2004 with audits of IPPC and waste facilities up 51 per cent on 2003.  The EPA brought 17 cases before the District Courts and convictions were handed down in 16 of these cases.  Legal action led to significant investment, ranging between €250,000 and €900,000, in on-site infrastructure and abatement measures.

The National Enforcement Network was established in 2004, harnessing the collective resources, expertise and investigative capacity of all players in environmental enforcement. Concerted enforcement actions targeted those involved in the unauthorized movement of waste – particularly illegal movements to Northern Ireland.  

“During 2004 the EPA made a real impact on illegal activities.  I am confident that the EPA will escalate enforcement in 2005 resulting in more prosecutions,” said Dr Kelly.

“Looking ahead, water quality, air quality and managing waste are the primary environmental challenges facing Ireland” she added.  “It is imperative that national, social and economic planning includes programmes for sustaining Ireland’s key natural resources and for adopting a sustainable approach to waste management.”