Air Quality at the click of a button!

Date released: Apr 21 2005

Dr Ciaran O’Donnell of the EPA, at the opening day of the 35thAnnual Sherkin Island Conference, stated that the Environmental Protection Agency is measuring Ireland’s air quality in accordance with EU Directives and making the data available at the click of a button.  This provides access to air quality information in real time via the EPA website

“The EPA has made all information available through our website in real time.  That means that as soon as we have the data you can access it”, explains Dr Ciaran O’Donnell, EPA Chemist.

 The EPA’s web site gives details of all the air monitoring activity throughout the country.  The information can be accessed through a map of Ireland showing the various monitoring sites.  Clicking on a given location shows the latest data, or results of completed assessments, at that site. 

“The major air events such as smog episodes are thankfully a thing of the past.  Future monitoring and management will work to study and reduce the more subtle effects of air pollution on public health”, concluded Ciaran O’ Donnell.

Note to Editors:

The EPA measures Ireland’s air quality as set out in EU legislation.  The air framework directive (1996) set out the principle that air quality should be assessed across the EU using common methods and criteria.