EPA hosts conference of GMO Regulators

Date released: May 26 2005

The EPA is hosting the European Enforcement Project (EEP) Conference of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) enforcement regulators in Dublin today and tomorrow, May 26th and 27th 2005.

The conference will focus on exchanging knowledge, information and expertise on the regulation and control of GMO activities. Special attention will be paid to the enforcement of facilities that are authorised for the Contained Use and Deliberate Release of GMOs which are subject to control under European Directives. 

The conference will continue the work of previous conferences in establishing a scientific and technical information network of co-operation among participants.

Some of the issues being discussed include:

  • Joint inspection of facilities
  • Waste inactivation
  • Enforcement actions in the courts
  • Detection of illegal activities
  • Emergency Planning.

This is the first such conference to be held in Ireland since the EEP started in 1999.  The contacts and exchange of information and expertise has been of significant benefit and use to the EPA in carrying out its regulatory GMO functions.

Some 45 representatives are attending the conference from eighteen countries including eleven EU Member States, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.  Some of these countries will be attending for the first time and we anticipate that a forum of this nature will be of particular benefit to all involved.