Update re On going fire at Neiphin Trading site, Kerdiffstown, County Kildare, Waste Licence W0047-02

Date released: Jan 26 2011

The EPA has retained the services of a firm of international experts in assessment of landfill fires.  These experts, accompanied by EPA inspectors, will assess the site today to determine the likely extent of the area of below-surface fire and will also provide information to the Fire Service.


Following from the EPA air quality monitoring of 21st & 22nd January, the EPA installed a continuous air monitoring unit in the Kerdiffstown area yesterday afternoon. We are currently calibrating the equipment, setting up communication relays and expect to be getting real time ambient air quality data shortly.  The results of the monitoring are being provided to Kildare Fire Service and the Health Service Executive as they become available.


This notice will be updated as information becomes available.