EPA Information re ash cloud from Grimsvotn Volcano eruption in Iceland

Date released: May 24 2011

The EPA is aware of the ash cloud from the most recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, and continues to monitor air quality in Ireland at a network of locations throughout the country.

The situation is monitored hourly through the use of our automatic Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Dust monitors.
The most recent realtime data indicate that there has been no increase above background levels since the volcano erupted.
The EPA will continue to monitor the situation closely and is increasing its air quality monitoring for the duration of the ash-cloud event.

The results of this monitoring are fed back to the EPA website in real-time – hence the information is immediately available to the public.
This real-time air quality information is available on the EPA website.

The EPA has Particulate monitors (PM10/2.5) in Ringsend, Shannon and Longford which update automatically. In addition we receive data on an on-going basis from PM10 monitors in 14 other locations across the country. The EPA receives data from SO2 monitors at stations in Cork City, Ennis, Tallaght, Shannon Estuary, Shannon Town Centre, Kilkitt (Monaghan), Ringsend, Rathmines and Winetavern St.