Kerdiffstown Landfill - The Remediation Project Community Update Number 3

Date released: May 25 2011

Remedial works continue at the Kerdiffstown landfill site. Following the installation of 24 gas abstraction wells, the next steps will see a plastic membrane installed in the area of the lined cell, and a clay cover in the North West region of the site.

Once the gas control layers are in place, gas will be pumped from the gas abstraction wells to two fully covered gas flare units on site (flames will not be visible). These units are used at landfills all over the world as the best means to control odour. They will burn off the landfill gas at a high temperature, thereby destroying the compounds responsible for the odour issues.  (View the proposed location of these gas flares on the site map.) 

These flares are being custom-made to a high specification for the site and will   be delivered in the first week of June. The gas control membrane, clay cover and the flares should result in a marked improvement in the control of odours coming from the site, but during the commissioning period they will not be at full effectiveness in terms of odour control. 

As noted in previous updates, the works to put these measures in place may themselves lead to odour issues, as potentially odorous waste is disturbed. The impact on the local community of any odours generated is highly dependent on weather conditions - air pressure / wind directions and so on. The EPA will strive to minimize the impact of odorous gas. The EPA has planned this work to proceed as quickly as possible to minimise odour issues, but there is still the possibility that odours will be generated for a period of time. Please let us know if you experience landfill odour issues arising from the site by using the contact details provided below. 

The EPA will continue to issue Community Update notices as works at the site roll out.


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