Kerdiffstown Landfill – The Remediation Project

Date released: Apr 07 2011

Community Update – Number 1, April 2011

This is the first in a series of regular community updates on the major remediation project at Kerdiffstown Landfill. The purpose of the update is to provide information and news to the people in the neighbourhood in relation to the status of the former landfill site, what the plans are for the future, and how those plans are progressing. The EPA is committed to an open communication policy on the remediation project.

The Fire at the Site
The fire at the site was unprecedented in Ireland in terms of scale and location. As part of the fire fighting effort, EPA Inspectors and their advisors worked alongside Kildare County Fire Service, Kildare Civil Defence, Kildare County Council, An Garda Síochána and the Health Service Executive. Techniques never before employed in Ireland, such as the injection of cold gases into the burning waste, were used during the control of this fire. Following the completion of the fire fighting activity on 25th February 2011, the Fire Services handed control of the site to the EPA. The EPA recognises and thanks all of these organisations for their effort and expertise in bringing this fire under control.

After the Fire
The objective of the EPA now is to clean-up and remediate the Kerdiffstown landfill site and to set in place aftercare measures. This will be a large civil engineering project lasting a number of years. Initial preparatory works and interventions have already started and will be completed during the next twelve weeks. These are outlined below. The purpose of this phase of work is to secure and stabilise the site and prepare for the detailed investigation of the site over the coming months before the remediation programme can then commence.

Works Already Completed

  • There is a team of security personnel on the site 24-hours a day.
  • Vulnerable access points to the site have been fenced and vehicle access points have been blocked off.
  • Immediate health and safety issues have been addressed; unsafe lengths of litter netting have been taken down; known excavations and pits have been filled; and two large, unsafe buildings on the site have been enclosed with fencing.
  • Wastes that posed an imminent risk of further fire and consequential pollution, such as the large stockpile of mixed plastic wastes and a stockpile of tyres, have been removed from the site.
  • Liquid leachate, a potential pollutant, continues to be removed from the landfill cell at the site.

Planned works over the coming weeks

The planned activities over the next twelve weeks will include;

  • Installation of landfill gas wells and pipelines to capture the landfill gas and pipe it to landfill gas flares, where it will be treated in a controlled manner to reduce the polluting nature and odour of the gas.
  • Commence the tender process for the detailed site investigation works and a specialist consultant to carry out the detailed design of the overall remediation of the site.
  • Continuation of health and safety works as necessary, to make the site a safe place to work for EPA and contractor personnel. This will include works to make safe damaged buildings on the site.
  • Maintenance of security and fencing at the site. Security surveillance requirements will be reviewed as required.
  • Continuation of environmental monitoring of air, water and groundwater. Results from this monitoring will be made available online to the public.
  • Setting up a community liaison group and establishing a dedicated project website. As mentioned above, the EPA is committed to an open communication policy on the remediation project.

Landfill Gas Odours
This site contains a large amount of waste which continues to produce odorous landfill gas. The waste is stored without adequate landfill gas management and control, as is required by current landfill regulations. The planned works described above will help reduce some of the odour. However, odour may continue to be encountered until full remediation is completed - and in particular during work phases where wastes will be disturbed. A priority for this project will be to minimise, as far as is practicable, the level of nuisance associated with this site.

The Remediation Project
The site is now, and will remain, under the control of the EPA for the duration of the remediation project. Full remediation will take a number of years. It is not planned that the site will be used again as a commercial landfill.

Future Communications
The EPA openly invites comments from the local community and will continue to work to keep people informed about the remediation plans and activities at the site. Information on the Remediation Project will be available online, by regular community updates and a proposed Community Liaison Group.
A monthly update on the works, of which this is the first, will be provided by e-mail and on our website.

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