Monday 14th Feb: Statement on behalf of co-ordinating group re:Kerdiffstown Fire

Date released: Feb 14 2011

Firefighters have made exceptionally good progress in dealing with the landfill fire at Kerdiffstown, Naas over the weekend. Most of the huge pile of burning waste has been removed and made safe; and the threat of further fire has been reduced.

Smoke in the area has fallen to very low levels with a corresponding rise in air quality. However, the health advice already given still applies. People should avoid any smoke plume and stay inside, with windows and doors shut, whenever it is passing over their houses or other premises. Some people may be sensitive to the effects of smoke. Those with existing respiratory or cardiac problems, young children and the elderly may experience symptoms. The HSE has advised that people with symptoms should reduce their level of activity, take medications as prescribed and consult their doctor.

The landfill site remains a very dangerous area and people should not enter it for any reason.

The following are the contact numbers for agencies dealing with the situation at Kerdiffstown:

Health Service Executive (Department of Public Health):    01 635 2151 (Office hours only)

Environmental Protection Agency:   01 268 0100 (Office hours only) 053 916 0600 (Message Service out of hours)

Kildare County Council:     045 980 200 (Office hours) 1890 50 03 33 (Out of hours emergency)