Kerdiffstown Landfill Remediation Project - Community Update Number 5

Date released: Jul 26 2011

Starting Tuesday 26th July, drilling works will take place over two to three days. These new, deeper boreholes will provide a steadier flow of gas to the flare in the northwest corner, and this will help to improve the flare’s capacity to control odours in that area.

The installation of these gas wells may lead to odour issues as potentially odorous waste is disturbed. Whether odours are generated, and if they then impact on the community, is highly dependent on the weather (air pressure/wind directions etc.), but the EPA will strive to minimise impact. We have planned for the work to proceed and be completed as quickly as possible.

If you experience odour issues while these works are ongoing, or at any other time, please contact us at the details provided below. 

The EPA will continue to issue community updates as remedial works on the site take place on the public information website.

Further information:
Contact the Office of Environmental Enforcement’s Dublin Regional Inspectorate;

By Telephone: 01-2680100
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EPA Website:

Press Office: / 053-9170770