Kerdiffstown Community Update number 8

Date released: Jan 11 2012

Environmental Protection Agency
Kerdiffstown Landfill Remediation Project
Community Update – number 8

11th January 2012: Site Investigation Works at Kerdiffstown commencing.

Monday 9th of January 2012 saw the arrival on-site of a number of drilling rigs to undertake Phase I of the site investigation programme that will allow the EPA to gather further data on the site and contribute to the planning of the remediation. 
This phase of the site investigation will involve drilling holes into the landfill to gather information that will allow the EPA to further our understanding of the site and plan remediation measures.  The current drilling and testing is scheduled to last for three weeks and during this time the drilling operations may generate some localised odours although we will be taking steps to minimise this. As always the potential for odours will be influenced by weather conditions.

Once the data from this Phase I drilling has been analysed we will undertake additional site investigation works to look at specific areas of interest in detail.  We will of course continue to update the local community with our findings as soon as they are available. 

EPA will continue to maintain all the control measures on the site to minimise odours and other impacts on the environment and for information about works at the site, go to

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