EPA Hosts European Network of Drinking Water Regulators Meeting

Date released: May 31 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is hosting the European Network of Drinking Water Regulators meeting in Dublin today (31st May) and tomorrow (1st June).  The meeting brings together drinking water experts from across EU Member States, and from the European Commission, to share practical experience and expertise with the aim of improving the safety and security of drinking water quality across Europe. 

The focus of the Dublin meeting will be on the enforcement of drinking water quality.  The meeting will explore best practices in the area of regulation to achieve quality drinking water for consumers in the most efficient manner.  It will also discuss the implementation of Water Safety Plans, the protection of small supplies and emerging issues/threats to drinking water quality and will focus on sharing practical solutions implemented by Member States.

Commenting on the hosting of the meeting Mr. Dara Lynott, EPA Deputy Director General, said;
“Ireland, as a small country, benefits significantly from playing an active part in this network.  It gives Ireland access to the top drinking water experts in Europe, which is particularly important as we embark on a major strategic change in the way water is produced, distributed and paid for in Ireland.  Such close co-operation has enabled Ireland to learn from best practice adopted across Europe and accelerated improvements in the safety and security of our drinking water.”

Further information: EPA Media Relations Office 053-9170770 (24 hours)