Food Waste Campaigners aim to feed 5000

Date released: Nov 09 2012

‘VOICE – Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment’, ‘Stop Food Waste’; ‘Bia Foodbank’ and ‘Food Glorious Food’ officially launched ‘Feeding the 5,000’ at the Church, St Mary’s Street, Dublin 1. The launch revealed the menu for the ‘Feeding the 5,000’ event which will attempt to feed 5,000 in Wolfe Tone Park on Saturday, 24th November, during European Week for Waste Reduction, with a main course made entirely out of fresh misshapen vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.
The ‘Feeding the 5,000’ campaign aims to drive awareness around the problem of food waste in Ireland - 30% of what we buy ends up in the bin - and highlight the positive solutions in place to tackle the problem. The menu for the ‘Feeding the 5,000’ event was revealed as a vegetable curry made from misshapen vegetables and fresh apple juice.

The lengthy grocery list to feed the 5,000 includes:

  • potatoes 150 kg
  • rice 300kg
  • cauliflower 120kg
  • carrots 150kg
  • peas 100kg
  • tomatoes 100kg
  • cabbage 80kg
  • courgettes 80kg
  • coriander 15kg
  • daal/lentils 80 kgs
  • butter 80kg
  • salt 7kgs

The curry that will be served to the 5,000 will be totally organic containing no processed foods. The four partners involved in the Feeding the 5,000 aim to highlight jointly the issue of food waste:

  1. The Voice aims to launch its food waste campaign and advocate the government
    adoption of the Good Samaritan Food Act which relieves the liability from sharing
    leftover food whilst encouraging the government to offer tax deductions around food
  2. Stop Food Waste aims to highlight the problem of food waste and how reducing food
    waste, removes the cost associated with disposal.
  3. Food Glorious Food is launching an App to match businesses with surplus food to
    charities requiring food.
  4. Bia Foodbank is highlighting the Foodbank’s need for premises in Dublin to further
    develop its services.

Speaking at the launch, Mindy O’Brien, the Coordinator at VOICE, said, “We want everyone to come along on November 24th as we attempt to feed 5,000 people free of charge with a delicious curry made from food that would have been thrown away because of aesthetics, blemishes, damaged packaging or short expiration dates. We will prove that there is still value and delicious taste in such food and offer solutions to reduce food waste.”

Odile Le Bolloch, spokesperson for Stop Food Waste at the EPA, said “Stop Food Waste works to highlight the problem of food waste; 30% of what we buy ends up in the bin. The website provides comprehensive information about the food we waste and how to prevent this through RETHINKING how we shop, store our food, cook it and reuse the leftovers. We have partnered on this initiative to once again highlight the problem relating to Food Waste.”

This event, originally created by Tristram Stuart (author of Food Waste, Uncovering the Global Food Scandal) has been successfully held in London, Bristol and Paris, highlighting how easy it is to reduce the unimaginable levels of food waste in the UK and internationally and how governments, businesses and individuals can help. The event is now being rolled out across Europe as part of FUSIONS, a four year project to tackle food waste across the EU.

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Notes to editors:

The four stop food waste partners and their focus:
Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE) is member-based environmental charity in existence since 1997. Over the years, we have focused our work on Waste, Water, Fluoride and Forestry. We have been educating individuals and governments on the environmental implications associated with food production, manufacturing, transportation, packaging and disposal over the past few years. Leading from this, we have turned our attention to the issue of food waste, both on an individual and commercial level.

The STOP Food Waste programme is funded under the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP). Waste Prevention is the preferred waste management option in Ireland. By not generating waste, the need to handle, transport, treat and dispose of waste is eliminated, as is the need to pay for these services. Stop Food Waste provides comprehensive information about the food wasted; how to prevent this through RETHINKING how to shop, store food, cook it and reuse the leftovers. Stop Food Waste also provides information on all forms of composting as well as links to any local relevant programmes.

Food Glorious Food links Dublin food businesses with surplus food to nearby charities that need it. Food Glorious Food is launching a new app: businesses can upload the food that they've left-over and local charities can tap into the left-over food. 2 pilot projects are running in the Science Gallery and Glasnevin's Farmers Market. Food Glorious Food wants to highlight that any liability is removed from the businesses on the back of the exchange.

Bia Foodbank acts and raises awareness on food surplus, and helps alleviate hunger in Ireland. Bia Foodbank facilitates the transfer of surplus food from food related businesses to charities. Bia Foodbank provides a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive business friendly alternative to wasting good food. Bia Foodbank is currently looking for a premises in Dublin to further develop its service.