Kerdiffstown Community Update Number 9

Date released: Feb 14 2012

Wednesday 8th of February saw the completion of Phase I of the Site Investigation Programme at Kerdiffstown Landfill, with the successful completion of 24 boreholes across the site.  These boreholes were drilled to determine more accurately the types of waste buried at the site, where, and how thick the waste deposits are.

The results of this investigation programme will feed into the planning for the remediation of the site.  This borehole work is just the first step in a series of investigations that will be completed in 2012 to allow the EPA to draw up detailed plans for the remediation of the site.  As was cautioned in the last community update, some of the boreholes were drilled through quite odorous waste. While these holes were being drilled the odorous gas from the landfill vented to the atmosphere. This, combined with an easterly wind, resulted in some calls from residents alerting the Agency that there was an odour.  All boreholes were fully sealed upon completion and should not present any source of odour now that the work of Phase I of the site investigation is complete. 

Regarding leachate management on site, to date the EPA has captured and tankered over 8.5 million litres of leachate from the site which would otherwise have percolated into the ground and resulted in increased environmental impact. While leachate handling operations were being undertaken on the 3rd of February, a minor spill occurred when a leachate holding tank was overfilled and approximately 500 litres of leachate reached a drain which flows to the local Canal Feeder. To put this in context, 500 litres amounts to roughly half the capacity that could be held in a typical outdoor home-heating oil tank. 

Corrective action was taken immediately. Samples were taken over the following hours and days to fully monitor any impact. Due to the limited quantity of leachate and the level of dilution in the Canal Feeder, the impact was very localised and short-lived. There has been no significant impact on the Canal Feeder or the Grand Canal which the Canal Feeder flows into 2 km downstream. The EPA   informed both Kildare County Council and Inland Fisheries Ireland of the incident and has kept them fully informed of our investigation.
Additional measures and procedures have been put in place, and staff operating this equipment have been retrained. The completion of Phase I of the Site Investigation is a very important milestone on the journey to full remediation at a site that continues to pose a risk to the environment.

The EPA will continue to issue community updates as remedial works on the site take place. For information about works at the site, go to

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