Kerdiffstown Community Update number 12

Date released: Dec 10 2012

EPA Complete Phase 2 of Kerdiffstown Site Investigation

In early October the EPA completed the drilling programme to progress characterisation of Kerdiffstown Landfill, and identify the type and quantity of waste that exists in every section of the site. Numerous samples have been taken and analysed and the results will be used for remediation planning purposes.

While the site investigation was underway the EPA continued to control leachate and odours at the site so as to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment.  The initial findings of the investigation indicate that, as hoped, the impact on the groundwater and surface water environment at the site is limited at present – but that significant impact could occur if no action is taken in the medium term. There is however time to intervene and avoid further damage. 

These issues, and a longterm solution to the odour problem, will be addressed by a remediation plan. Before any plan can be executed however, the EPA must use the data gathered in 2012 to develop a comprehensive options report. This options report will set out the roadmap for the remediation. 

This report will be vital to ensuring that the best technical, environmental and most cost-effective solution for the site is chosen. Crucially the options report will also be the basis for securing funding for the project, and the target delivery date for this report is mid-2013.

The EPA will continue to interact with the local community and stakeholders at all stages of this process and looks forward to achieving significant progress in 2013.

Despite the interim control measures in place at the site, cold weather conditions combined with low air pressure and occasional easterly winds may result in some residents being affected by odours. If you experience odours from the site we would like to hear from you.  Please contact us at

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