Kerdiffstown Community Update Number 13

Date released: Oct 03 2013

October 3, 2013

The EPA met with community members and elected representatives on October 2nd, 2013 to discuss recommendations made by Kerdiffstown landfill site consultants, SKM Enviros, about the future remediation of the site. The recommendations arise from an Environmental Baseline Report and a Remedial Options Report compiled by SKM Enviros. 

The Remedial Options Report is based on scientific data gathered over two and a half years, including the drilling of over 100 on-site and off-site boreholes and the  taking of thousands of samples and seasonal measurements required to characterise the landfill and surrounding lands accurately and to determine the best long-term remediation solution for the site.

The report finds that the site requires extensive remediation and outlines three options for this remediation involving various elements such as an engineered cap, leachate containment and landfill gas collection and treatment.

The Remedial Options Report has been forwarded to the Department of Environment Community and Local Government where the report is currently being technically assessed.

The Kerdiffstown Landfill continues to be under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency, using powers available under Section 56 of the Waste Management Act.  The site is managed on a day to day basis by a dedicated site manager, a team of security personnel and other staff to control leachate and landfill gas. The EPA will also continue to issue community updates as remedial works on the site take place. For information about works at the site, go to

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