EPA publishes Annual Report 2012

Date released: Nov 29 2013

A clean, healthy and well protected environment: a vital asset in its own right and at the heart of economic recovery 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today published its Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2012. The report sets out the main activities undertaken by the EPA during 2012 and also provides an overview of the new EPA Strategic Plan 2013-2015 – Working with others for a Better Environment which was substantially completed in 2012 and launched in early 2013.

In launching the report, Ms Laura Burke, Director General of the EPA, said:

"A clean, healthy and well protected environment is a vital asset in its own right and also lies at the heart of economic recovery. We are fortunate in Ireland that our environment remains generally in good condition. As well as adding to the quality of life the environment contributes to inward investment, tourism, our reputation for food, the creation of jobs and economic recovery. During 2012, the EPA continued to manage our core functions of environmental regulation, enforcement, monitoring, assessment, research and reporting in an exemplary manner.  

 “Many challenges remain to be addressed to ensure that Ireland’s natural resources will not be degraded or exhausted in the coming years. We must ensure that our economic renewal and recovery, when it comes, is based on the principles of sustainable development and that we decouple future economic growth from environmental pressures.”

The EPA Annual Report 2012 is available on the EPA website.  It also contains infographics to highlight Key statistics and Environmental Indicators in 2012.