EPA statement regarding ENVA Ireland, Portlaoise

Date released: Apr 11 2014

ENVA Ireland Ltd operates a facility at Clonminam Industrial Estate, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.  The company has held a Waste Licence (Reg. No. W0184-1) since 16th January 2004 and has been largely compliant with its licence and has had no major issues.  The EPA is satisfied that the activities undertaken on the site do not pose a risk to local residents, to health, or to the environment.  The activities of ENVA Ireland were assessed at licensing stage and are continually assessed and enforced by the EPA through audits, inspections and monitoring.   

The EPA has received 18 complaints from the public in relation to the facility over the lifetime of the licence. Only one complaint was received in the period 2013-2014.  The EPA treats every complaint seriously and the Agency has gone to great lengths to investigate each one to determine whether or not there might be any issue that would give cause for concern.  Every single assessment carried out has satisfied the EPA that that there is no risk to local residents, to health, or to the environment. 

As with any licenced facility, minor issues have arisen from time to time through inspections, incidents or complaints and the EPA is satisfied that ENVA has taken appropriate corrective action to address these.  For example, odour nuisance issues were addressed through the installation of an odour neutralising system which absorbs odour-causing emissions. 

One complainant has expressed concerns about emissions to air from four oil reprocessing tanks.  The EPA considers that these are adequately controlled under the conditions of the licence as the emissions are not pumped and have a very low flow rate.  However, in response to the complainant’s concerns, the EPA has undertaken extensive further assessment.  Information gathered to date from these assessments does not indicate that these emissions are of significance.  The investigation is continuing and the licensee is currently carrying out additional assessment work at the instruction of the Agency in relation to activities at the site. The report will be available on the public file. 

To conclude, the EPA is satisfied that the activities of ENVA Ireland are compliant with its licence and do not pose a risk to local residents, to health, or to the environment.


Notes to Editor:
The ENVA facility is situated south of Portlaoise in an industrial estate surrounded by a railway yard, vehicle repair & panel beaters, commercial units and oil storage. The nearest residential area is situated approximately 60m north of the facility. The infrastructure consists mainly of a tank farm (57 large scale tanks), associated process and storage buildings, and a concrete soil remediation area with some roofing.

Activities have occurred at this site since 1979, this company has held a Waste Licence (Reg. No. W0184-1) (formerly Reg. No. 472) since 16th January 2004 and has been largely compliant with its licence and has had no major issues. 

The activity is assessed through audits, inspections and monitoring carried out by the EPA. The licensee is also required to carry out monitoring and maintain records of activities and to make periodic reports to the EPA. The licensee is also required to report incidents and complaints to the EPA.

EPA audits and visits of this facility in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 found the facility to be compliant with the conditions of the licence. However, two non-compliances were issued in 2011 relating to off-site odours experienced during inspections of the area conducted in response to complaints received regarding off-site odour, these are discussed further below. In 2013 a non-compliance was issued for waste soil classification.
18 incidents have been reported between 2009 and 2014 – 6 relate to emission limit values for discharges to an offsite Waste Water Treatment Facility, 9 were due to monitoring equipment malfunctions (no impact on environment), 2 were due to administrative errors and one is waste related.  These incidents are not associated with odour generation from the site.

In total, 18 complaints have been received by the EPA since 2004; the last complaint was received in April 2013.  As with all our licensees, the EPA investigates complaints and incidents as they arise with a view to ensuring corrective actions.

All records and correspondence with Licensees are placed on public file, including complaints, and the Licensee’s response to these complaints.

The EPA complaint form designed to assist members of the public in making a complaint about odour from an EPA licensed activity is available at www.epa.ie under ‘How to make an environmental complaint.’, and all complainants are encouraged to submit complaints in this manner to mitigate future occurrences of the issue.  The Agency encourages members of the public to report experiences of odour directly to the Licensee at time that the odour is experienced, this enables prompt investigation and will assist in identifying possible sources/causes of the odour. Records and files can be accessed in the EPA Website and the public file at the designated EPA office.