Decorative Paints Directive Guidance

Year Title
2008 Relevant Operator Database under Decopaints Regulations 2007
This database contains the potential relevant operators covered by the Decopaints Regulation 2007
2008 Best Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Refinishing for Repair Installations SI199 of 2007
Best Practice Guidance for Vehicle Refinishing for Repair Installations for SI199 of 2007
2008 VR Records Spreadsheet
Records spreadsheet for VR operations.
2013 Vehicle Refinishers - Who Does What
Description of Stakeholder responsibilities for the Decorative Paints Regulations
2008 Enforcement responsibilities for paint retailing under the Decorative Paints Regulations
Document showing the enforcement responsibilities for Decorative Paints Regulations of the various stakeholders.
2013 Decopaints-Solvents Enforcement Contacts List
Contact list for Enforcement Authorities under the Solvents and Decorative Paints Regulations