Who can I contact with a query?

Submit your query through ALDER in 'Licensee returns' as 'RBME Return' or rbme@epa.ie and a representative of the EPA will revert to you.  Do not submit completed RBME return through email.  Submit it only through ALDER.

My completed RBME submission has been quarantined by the EPA - why?
As the methodology contains encrypted data, the email will be quarantined by the EPA email security system when the licensee is sending it to rbme@epa.ie;  Upon submission, you will receive notification of the quarantine; the email will be released by IT Helpdesk upon verification that no security threats are contained within.  Licensees do not have to follow-up with the EPA regarding the quarantine notice.
I am unable to make any data entries on the RBME sheet; it would appear that the sheets are protected and require a password.

Save the methodology to your desktop from the web and then close it (file-save as-desktop); Open the methodology from your desktop (you will need to enable macros on the spreadsheet; see screen shots below for further details!).

A password is not required to complete the RBME sheet; you are not required to type into any of the cells (with the exception of the Organisation Name, Licence Number and Completed-by sections on the introduction tab and comments in the comments boxes if required). Select answers are already provided from drop-down or pop-up menus which appear when you click on the relevant cell.

Enabling Macros in Excel

This information relates specifically to Excel 2007.

Macros must be enabled in your Excel installation for the RBME return file to work properly. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Open saved RBME file

Clock the Microsoft Office/File button

Click Excel Options

Screenshot to show how to enable macros in excel  

In the Trust Centre catagory, click Trust Centre Settings

Screen Shot to show how to enable macros in excel  

Click the Macros settings category

Screen Shot to show how to enable macros in excel.  

Select "Enable all Macros" option

Click Ok

Close Excel

Re-open the RBME spreadsheet


Is it possible to print the individual pages from the methodology - the print option on the sheet defaults to the summary page only?
Select "Print" from the "File" menu header; at the bottom left hand corner the print range will be defaulted to "Active Sheet(s)". Change this to "Entire Workbook" and the entire spreadsheet shall print for you.
Why should we complete the RBME methodology?

Failure to complete the RBME methodology annually will inhibit the EPA from accurately categorising your facility and may result in an increased enforcement effort, with additional charging by the EPA. The resulting enforcement category assigned to licensees in any one year will determine the enforcement activities of the Office of Environmental Enforcement for the subsequent year and will affect the resulting enforcement effort and charges levied therein.

Issue on picking complexity - licence does not reflect actual operations, i.e. class of activity 5.3 would be more reflective of operations than 5.12(h) included on licence.
Select class of activity as outlined on your IPPC or Waste Licence.
In relation to waste management, are waste streams such as batteries, fluorescent tubes to be entered under Hazardous Waste?

The Annual Environmental Report and AER-PRTR for the reporting period should be used as the data source for this section; if a waste was categorised as hazardous within the AER, then the same classification and reporting principles should apply for RBME.

Please clarify if the section of the spreadsheet "Discharge to Sewers" is to be completed if landfill leachate is tankered offsite to a sewerage treatment plant?
Yes, Discharge to Sewers still needs to be completed in this instance.
With regards to the Vulnerability classification for Groundwater in Location section of RBME spreadsheet, the GSI map for the location states that vulnerability is "HL - High to Low - only an interim study took place". Can you advise which vulnerability rating applies in this case?

Under Sheet 7 - Location, the section on Vulnerability (Q4) refers to vulnerability of aquifer. According to the Geological Survey of Ireland website http://www.gsi.ie/ some areas of the country are classified as "High to Low - only an interim study took place". If this is the status of your site, you should select 4(d) "Is the vulnerability of the site classified as low or is no information available on the vulnerability of the site?" as Yes.

I am experiencing difficulties in completing the RBME worksheet as there are no drop-down menu functions under the "Complexity Attributes" tab on the second page of the RBME sheet.
Use the Add/Delete 1 and Add/Delete 2 buttons under "Complexity Attributes" to select the appropriate class of activity from drop-down menu provided.
Blank answers to questions within the RBME tool - what now?
Not Applicable/None/0 should be selected if required; no question should be left blank or unanswered. Those inputting data should use the "Check" button on the top right hand corner of sheets to ensure that all questions are answered.
Where would I locate details as to whether a facility is near a SPA, SAC or NHA?
You can search by county on the website of the National Parks & Wildlife Services; http://www.npws.ie/en