Protocol for the Evaluation of Biodegradable Municipal Waste sent to Landfill

Summary: This protocol has been developed to provide guidance on how to determine the amount of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) in municipal solid waste (MSW) that is sent to landfill. It facilitates Ireland's obligations in determining compliance with BMW diversion targets that are set in the Landfill directive (1999/31/EC).

Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-401-2

Pages: 32

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In order to assist Ireland's obligations under the Landfill directive, the EPA reviewed all operational MSW landfill licences in 2009.  New conditions were inserted into the licences limiting the acceptance of BMW and requiring the determination of the biodegradable content of municipal solid waste.

In determining the BMW content of a municipal waste stream, two general approaches may be used:

  1. Where appropriate, EPA approved BMW factors can be used to calculate the BMW content of the waste stream, or
  2. With the agreement of the EPA, alternative BMW factors can be used for municipal waste streams if they have been determined following a waste characterisation survey carried out in accordance with this protocol.

A draft version of this protocol was published in November 2009.  This was followed by a period of public consultation until the 1st April 2010.  A total of 15 submissions were received from various organisations.  These submissions have been considered during the finalisation of this protocol.


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