Corinair Combustion Factors

Combustion In Energy & Transformation Industries (Emission Inventory Guidebook 15 February, 1996)

Summary: A source of guidance on calculating emissions from combustion plants

Published: 1996


Pages: 109

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Executive Summary

The following activities are taken into account, when treating combustion plants individually as point sources. Combustion plants with a thermal capacity < 300 MW, gas turbines and stationary engines, which may also be considered collectively as area sources, are covered by chapter B112 “Combustion Plants as Area Sources” as well.

This chapter covers emissions from boilers, gas turbines and stationary engines as point sources. Within CORINAIR other combustion plants may also be considered as point sources on a voluntary basis. Different criteria are applied for the classification of combustion plants according to the Large Combustion Plant Directive.

Boilers, gas turbines and stationary engines need to be treated separately. With regard to boilers, a combustion plant may consist of one single boiler or
may comprise a series of boilers of different sizes (joint plant). Therefore, whenever there is more than one boiler on a site, a decision on the aggregation of these facilities to plants has to
be taken. Through this decision, an allocation to the respective SNAP categories is achieved.