Template Spreadsheet For Calculating Emissions From Combustion Plants

Summary: All operators of combustion processes regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency are required to provide a report to the EPA on emissions to air. This is to enable Ireland to complete its reporting to the European Pollution Emissions Register (EPER). This spreadsheet can assist you in completing your report.

Published: 2005



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Format: excel

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Executive summary

The EPA has prepared this tool to allow operators to complete their reports as easily as possible.  The steps are summarised below, with more information given in the accompanying guidance note.  (

  1. Download the EPER reporting spreadsheet and other supporting information
  2. Assemble information on your combustion process.
  3. Open the spreadsheet "Combustion_Air.xls".  Enter operational hours in the relevant yellow cell in the "Combustion Measured" worksheet.
  4. Enter the relevant emissions monitoring data (if available) in the yellow cells in the "Combustion Measured" worksheet. 
  5. Enter the relevant emissions calculation data for substances with no site-specific measurement data in the yellow cells in the "Combustion Calculated" worksheet.
  6. Save the "Combustion_Air.xls" spreadsheet using a unique file name. 
  7. For processes comprising a single plant, forward the spreadsheet to the EPA as part of the AER to ipcaer@epa.ie.
  8. For processes involving more than one fuel type or more than one plant, a separate spreadsheet will need to be produced for each fuel used in each plant, and the results totalled.  Forward a combined EPER report and supporting spreadsheets to the EPA as part of the AER to ipcaer@epa.ie.