Solvent Users in Ireland Directory

Summary: Directory of installations which may fall under remit of organic solvents regulations

Published: 2006



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Format: excel

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Executive Summary

The Environmental Protection Agency commissioned the preparation of a Microsoft Access database of companies (or ‘installations’) located in the Republic of Ireland which may fall under the remit of the Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds From Organic Solvents Regulations 2002 (S.I. No. 543 of 2002) – the ‘Solvents Regulations’. This directory is in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and includes explanatory notes.

The purpose of the database is to:

  • Assist contacted installations to achieve compliance;
  • Provide a tool for Accredited Inspection Contractors (AICs);
  • Assist Local Authorities with their role in enforcing the Regulations by providing an initial listing of installations potentially covered by the Solvents Regulations.